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Arts Index Posts from ARTSblog

I’ve been trying to take the time at the end of each month to review some posts that you might have missed, and since August is a particularly vacation-filled month, I figured why not start now? In case you missed it (ICYMI), here are some highlights from ARTSblog in August: Jessica Stern from Business for […]

The findings in the recent 2012 National Arts Index describing the state of the arts are profoundly disturbing. The Index reported a long list of measures that trend down for arts, music, and cultural organizations, among them: waning program budgets, attendance, funding, expenditures, and a decrease in the overall number of arts organizations themselves. As […]

This post is one in a series highlighting the Local Arts Index (LAI) by Americans for the Arts. The LAI provides a set of measures to help understand the breadth, depth, and character of the cultural life of a community. It provides county-level data about arts participation, funding, fiscal health, competitiveness, and more. Check out […]