Within the Local Arts Index, there are several measures examining attendance at arts events. Various Cultural Participation indicators measure the percentage of adults that attend these events once or more per year (for example, see “Adult population share attending popular entertainment”). The participation data estimate personal activity, or the willingness to spend time. Likewise, buying tickets indicates the appetite of county residents to be active audience members at theatres, concerts, and other arts events – but in this case, the metric is not time but money. As with all of the other estimates from Claritas in the Local Arts Index, they form part of the economic foundations of the arts by measuring the potential dollars for which arts producers compete.

As with all indicators utilizing data from Claritas, this indicator represents a per capita estimate of dollars to be spent in 2015 by county residents on admissions to entertainment venues – theatres, concert halls, clubs, arenas, outdoor amphitheaters, and stadiums. These estimates combine the most recent Consumer Expenditure Survey data with an annual modeling of spending patterns. Like many other LAI indicators, we believe these should be considered in a regional context, because consumers do not limit their spending to their home county. While the expenditures are by county residents, attendance and the associated expenditures may occur in venues outside of the home county.

Additional Information: Counties with indicator value = 3,143. Average county indicator value = $23.14. Median county indicator value = $22.40.


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International arts exports increase: U.S. exports of arts goods increased from $56 to $64 billion between 2009 and 2010 (+12%).  With U.S. imports at just $23 billion, the arts achieved a $41 billion trade surplus in 2010.  The percentage of international travelers that include the arts on their visits to the U.S. has increased annually since 2003.