Even as digital cameras have become the new norm, photography remains a common form of arts activity among individuals. It may be viewed as a hobby that is easily accessible or as a general form of entertainment, as well as a means of documentation. It has become highly accessible with the advent of digital technologies. Taking pictures and using them to tell stories and share ideas is a common form of involvement in arts and creative processes, and photography of course has its own substantial place as an artistic medium.

As with all indicators utilizing data from Claritas, this indicator represents a per capita estimate of dollars to be spent in 2015 by county residents on photographic film, equipment and supplies. These estimates combine the most recent Consumer Expenditure Survey data with an annual modeling of spending patterns. Like many other LAI indicators, we believe these should be considered in a regional context, because consumers do not limit their spending to their home county.

Additional Information: Counties with indicator value = 3,143. Average county indicator value = $49.96. Median county indicator value = $49.65.


Fast Facts from the Arts Index

Demand for arts in education by college-bound students is up!

According to data published by The College Board, the share of SAT test-takers with 4 years of arts or music classes in high school has grown over the past decade from 15% to 20%. The number of college arts degrees conferred annually have risen steadily from 75,000 to 129,000 over the past dozen years.