Live performance is central to so many kinds of arts organizations in music, theatre, dance, and other performance disciplines. Nonprofits with performing arts programs are typically among the marquee names in a community’s set of arts organizations. The medium of performance may be at the center of the artistic vision of these organizations, but educational activities are very often in the programming mix of performing arts and event organizations. This indicator measures the number of performing arts and event organizations for every 100,000 county residents, referring to organizations with the following NTEE codes:

  • A60 Performing Arts
  • A61 Performing Arts Centers
  • A62 Dance
  • A63 Ballet
  • A65 Theater
  • A68 Music
  • A69 Symphony Orchestras
  • A6A Opera
  • A6B Singing Choral
  • A6C Music Groups, Bands, Ensembles
  • A84 Commemorative Events
  • N52 County/Street/Civic/Multi-Arts Fairs and Festivals

Data come from the 2010 Core Files from the National Center for Charitable Statistics.


Additional Information: Counties with indicator value = 1,449. Average county indicator value = 6.1. Median county indicator value = 4.2.


Fast Facts from the Arts Index

Demand for arts in education by college-bound students is up!

According to data published by The College Board, the share of SAT test-takers with 4 years of arts or music classes in high school has grown over the past decade from 15% to 20%. The number of college arts degrees conferred annually have risen steadily from 75,000 to 129,000 over the past dozen years.