Each community will have a unique and distinctive mix of arts organizations. In addition to focusing on different programs, they may also vary in size and age. There are several well-known, archetypal community populations: some old and established, some in middle age with new generations of leadership, some that have come into being in the social enterprise era. The balance of institutional and entrepreneurial makeup of the arts is one attribute of the character or personality of a community. The indicators in this factor all share a focus on the blend of different kinds of arts organizations in each county as a matter of distinct character.



Fast Facts from the Arts Index

U.S. Share of World Creative Goods Trade is Rebounding! Overall, America’s role in global cultural trade declined steadily from 2002 through 2009, but we have seen a rebound in 2010 and 2011. Almost all of this is due to exports, which change more—both up and down—than imports in the U.S. Trade surpluses are good news for the U.S. economy!