It is helpful to aggregate all of these measures of estimated expenditures on individual products and services into one overall estimate across all of the categories. This measure suggests an overall estimate of ‘how much money are you willing to spend on the arts and creative endeavors’. It is simply a sum of the estimated per capita spending by county residents in 2015 on all of the specific categories of arts and culture products and services (admission, music, media, books, photography). It can be also expressed in total dollars per county for a measure of overall market size.

Additional Information: Counties with indicator value = 3,143. Average county indicator value = $345.93. Median county indicator value = $343.05.


Fast Facts from the Arts Index

The nonprofit arts grow – despite a recession!

The number of nonprofit arts organizations has grown annually, reaching 113,000 in 2010. In the past decade, nonprofit arts organizations grew 49% (76,000 to 113,000), a greater rate than all nonprofit organizations, which grew 32% (1.2 million to 1.6 million).